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Monday, August 30, 2010

9-21-09 "giants, kings and messy homeschooling"

I recently came across this photo, which I took last school year. This is not a "set-up". I had been doing school all morning in my dad's office and this is how it looked when I was done:

Invasion of my Dad's Office

 (Just in case you were wondering, the screen saver is the NASA Phoenix Lander slideshow, which is extremely cool. You can find it on the website.)

Ordinarily, our house is very neat and tidy, but this is obviously a different story during school hours- at least when I'm doing science experiments!


Right now I am reading the book of 1Samuel in the Bible. I love the Samuels- they are so full of intrigue, adventure, and excitement! Yesterday I read the story of David and Goliath for the billionth time. I tried to read it through new eyes (instead of envisioning Jr. Asparagus hopping around a battlefield full of French peas) and it made me wonder about how David felt. How scared was he? When his brothers were rude, did he feel like lashing back at them? I mean, David had just traveled miles and miles, probably on foot, to go check on his solder brothers and what do they do? They accuse him of coming just to see the excitement, and they call him proud and wicked. I probably would have been pretty mad if my brother did that to me! I pray that God will give me the grace and patience that David had and make me a woman after God's own heart!

     I wonder what Jesse's reaction was when he found out that his youngest son had defeated the Philistine hero? I bet he was even more shocked than when he found out that David was to be king over Israel! I am sure that David never ceased to amaze Jesse. First, he anointed king over Israel, then he is called into the king's service as a harpist, then he plays a huge role is defeating the Philistines, and soon he becomes best friend of the crowned prince, and finally, king! All that, and he started out as a shepherd boy. Goes to show you what God can do! If you open your heart to Him, God can do great things with you, too! Where is He calling YOU?

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