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Saturday, August 28, 2010

3-24-09 "my hand is not a pincushion!"

What I'd really like to be doing right now is sewing. I have a folding table, on which is scattered notions, fabric, and of course, my machine, tucked away in my room right now.  My dad said I can move the whole kit 'n caboodle downstairs and set it up in his office. It is very generous of him, especially since the whole room has already been taken over by a legion of school books, games, and scrapbooking accessories that belong to my sister and me.

     I have been sewing a matching kitchen set consisting of a potholder, an oven mitt, and a casserole mit. I have not sewed anything in a over a year. I am out of practice, so I have been spending most of my sewing time taking out stitches and jabbing myself with sharp objects. (My seam ripper has been my best friend lately. Until it draws blood- then I hate it just about as much as I despise that uncoopertive bobbin.) You know, I think life is kind of like that. We go full speed ahead, run off track and spend more time going back and fixing mistakes than actually making any progress. And in the process we prick our fingers with a pin or two! I am just so grateful that when I let God run my life, I can get more done and waste less time fixing mistakes. Because when I try to take over, I just run off track.

     You'd think I'd learn.

       When I get those kitchen items finished,  I will post pictures for you to see. Then I will tuck them away in my hope chest until I get a home of my own. They will join the crocheted potholders and dishcloths I have made (and some of my grandmas have also added to that collection). Well, I am going to head to my room now and finish The Great Battle of the Bobbin. Oh, and before I go, I just have one quick question for you :

Who is running YOUR life's sewing machine?

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