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Saturday, August 28, 2010

1-2-09 "shakespeare, master of theatre (not pus)"

Today I want to sit down with my Complete Works of Shakespeare, my dictionary, and my Shakespeare's Comedies commentary. I am going to begin reading The Comedy of Errors. I expect it will be very humorous- the commentary explained the basic plot; two twins, who do not know each other, end up in the same town and they keep getting mistaken for each other. Hopefully my Webster's will explain some of the more difficult vocabulary, and I will do my  best to understand Shakespeare's puns.

     Yesterday my family used the leather creations kit my mom bought for us one Christmas. I made a checkbook cover, even though I don't get my checking account for at least a year, and a matching coin purse.

The front of the checkbook cover

The back of the checkbook cover

Well, I had better go get started on that Shakespear!    


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