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Saturday, August 28, 2010

1-3-09 "history books will not document your video game scores"

  Today I read for over two hours. I was reading After the Dancing Days.It is so sad, but I couldn't put it down.  That would be a book I'd definitely recommend for all you fellow historical fiction fans.

     I am against time-wasting. People think it's weird when I say I don't play video games and I rarely watch TV. But I only have so long to live! I may as well do the most that I can with it. There are so many people who only have a short time left because of one reason or another. Looking at the thousands of years that have gone by and may come, seventy years is not much longer than seven months. All of us- even we young people- ought to live life to the fullest! And in my opinion, young people are perfectly capable of achieving great things. How come teens way-back-when attended Harvard at fifteen, or navigated ships on stormy seas, or learned five languages on their own? Because they did not waste time! I want to live my life to make a difference.

     How about you?

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