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Monday, August 30, 2010

5-24-09 "dear miss california 2009"

Dear Carrie Prejean,

     I heard about your daring answer to a Miss America judge’s question on gay marriage. My first impression was shock that someone would ask such a political question to a beauty pageant contestant. I imagine that you were totally taken off guard. How do answer such a controversial question in front of all of America- especially when it could cost you the title of Miss America. The pressure was high. The country held its breath. Would you stand strong or fold under the pressure? You chose to stand strong. You worded your answer superbly. It was perfect. There was nothing in your reply that could have been considered offensive. You stated your opinion and graciously left space for other people to have theirs, without compromising your morals. You didn’t miss a beat. Your smile barely faltered. It amazes me that your answer was considered a hate crime when the judge’s response was so abusive. What is wrong with the United States of America? A true American would do what you did. The founding fathers would have been proud. You should be made a role model for girls everywhere. I know you’re mine. We need more people like you- people who will stand up for what they believe even when it has a price. And you can be content knowing that God has a reward for you far greater than a Miss America title.

      On behalf of myself and all like-minded individuals,

  Thank you, Miss California!




*The grass my wither and the flower fall, but the word of our Lord stands forever. *

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