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Saturday, August 28, 2010

1-20-09 "good-bye, typical teen; it's the Rebelution!"

Today President Obama was sworn into office. Let's keep him in our prayers.

One of my favorite books is Do Hard Things by Brett and Alex Harris, the founders of the Rebelution. If you are between the ages of twelve and twenty-two, you need to read this book! Its everything I always thought about being a Christian teen- put onto paper for the world to read.  I finally got on their website yesterday. It's really awesome, especially the modesty survey. I added a link under my blog title today. Please, please, please click it! It will change the way you think. Maybe you like dressing immodestly. Maybe you don't want to change how you are. But I am here to tell you that this attitude is sinful and selfish. I apologize for my bluntness, but I feel the need to inform you that its not all about you being popular and dressing fashionably. Girls, for the sake of our Christian brothers, consider the way you dress. You may be surprised when you see the stats of the modesty survey. Again I encourage you to check it out. However, keep in mind this is intended for teens and adults.

Have a delighful week!

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