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Monday, August 30, 2010

10-1-09 "From the desk of Jane Bennet"


     I just love spending time with my dad. I like having one-on-one time with him so I can talk to him about serious things and about fun things. I am always surprised at how much I can learn about business, politics, God and everything else during a single conversation! One thing my sister and I do every year is go to a dad and daughter dance at our church. It’s been a tradition ever since we were very small. This year, I get to go to a Regency era ball with my dad- just he and I! I can’t wait! My mom and I are sewing a historically accurate (for the most part) dress for the occasion. I am not quite sure what to expect at the ball, although I know that there will be regency-era dancing and socializing, but I know it will be great because my daddy is taking me. Who needs prom when you have that!? To all you girls, I’d like to recommend that you find something fun to do with your dad. Do you both like the outdoors? Then go camping together. If you enjoy art or history, find a museum. Or just go grab a burger! Do something and make a memory.




 Hey everyone- guess what I found on the internet! http://www.becauseibelieve.net  has officially been added to my list of favorite websites. Why? Because this is where Chris and Emilee Danielson are broadcasting! You can listen top their podcast (at the bottom of the page) to hear this duo glorify God and create light-hearted humor and laughter.



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