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Monday, August 30, 2010

7-22-09 "you knit me together in my mother's womb"

We all know the great debate: pro-life or pro-choice? It's one of our nation's most dividing issues. Pro-lifers say that a fetus at any stage is a living human and to kill it is to murder an innocent, helpless person. Those with pro-choice views say that it is a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy if she so choses and that a fetus is not a human life until a certain stage in development.

Unborn baby at 10 weeks

This is an unborn baby at 10 weeks. You can distinctly see its head, body, arms and legs. This baby is a human being and it is very much alive.

Unborn baby ultrasound

You can see this unborn baby's hands and face. It was moving when the ultrasound was taken.

Surgery on unborn Samuel

 This photo is a picture of Samuel Armas as he undergoes a pre-birth surgery. You can see his tiny hand gripping the surgeon's finger. This took place 21 weeks after Samuel's conception.

Samuel at age 10

This is Samuel Armas at ten years of age. Nobody would deny his humanity, but no more human now that he was in the previous photo.

You can see that an unborn child is not a growth or a blob of tissue. No matter how hard you try to say otherwise, no matter when you say a fetus becomes a human, an unborn baby is a human life. Homo Sapien. Nothing else. Horton was right: a person is a person no matter how small.

Aren't you glad YOUR mother was pro-life, or at least that she didn't consider YOU an inconvenience?

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