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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2-18-10 "well...I never heard of that happening before..."

   There’s always something fascinating going on at my house. Last week, my sister and I began a shrimp farm in our fish tank. A few years ago, a pet frog got loose in the dining room- we never did find it. A while back, we raised snails and tadpoles in my dad’s office. Last month, our freezer quit and my mom, my sister and I spent the afternoon making two weeks worth of meatloaf, spaghetti, and chicken meals from all of the meat. We didn’t have to make any new dinners for a while! Last year, I painted a gigantic mural on the bathroom wall during the commercials of a TV special on the Phoenix Lander. Once, a hive of bees decided to make its home in our tree and everyone rushed inside the house to avoid the swarm- everyone except our guinea pig. This morning, a CD-Rom exploded in the computer’s disk drive! I had never heard of that happening before. Unfortunately, the CD was a $65 Apologia Biology digital textbook CD- ouch! My sister and I were both in the computer room when the heard a gigantic cracking noise come from the computer. We were afraid that the actual computer had crashed, but I opened up the drive, we saw shards of the CD were wedged in every possible position. So, I spent a few minutes picking out most the shards with tweezers. I also tried to vacuum out the pieces that were stuck far back in the drive cavity. As you might expect, that did not work at all.

     We looked online to discover if this was a common occurrence. Apparently, one out of every ten thousand CDs explodes in the drive. Sometimes bits of compact disk shrapnel go flying all over the room! Luckily, all enemy ammunition stayed inside our drive cavity.

     Sooo… if anyone has any advice on how to remove bits of CD from deep within the bowels of a computer, let me know!

     Oh, by the way, you will be pleased to hear that we were able to find an inexpensive washing machine to replace our deceased one. Thank you, God!

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