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Friday, September 3, 2010

8-2-10 "Stuff You Don't Learn in a Classroom"

I just spent a lovely weekend with my family out-of-town. In true homeschooler fashion, I will list some of the things that I learned this weekend:

1) Crawdads like papaya. They like shaved ham even better.

2) Raccoons travel in fuzzy clumps, whether they are climbing trees or on the ground.

3) As long as you are careful, the canoe will not tip. It’s fun to troll!

4) Catfish are hard to kill. They can survive an entire night after being hooked and they still wiggle after they are decapitated.

5) Preparing a fresh-caught trout to be cooked is actually less gross than dissecting a shark.

6) It is possible to catch a lizard while standing on an ant-ridden log over a lake and holding a fishing pole in one’s dominant hand.

7) The quickest way to make your stuffy, crowded garage look like the scene of a murder is to have your garage freezer full of elk meat die while you are gone for four days, and then accidently dump all the blood onto the floor.


  1. Lovely blog! I followed you over here from HSB. This is the first time I've read these 7 things you can't learn in a classroom... Very funny post!

    ~ Tarissa

  2. Hi Tarissa!
    Thanks for the comment. First one! :D