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Friday, September 3, 2010

3-4-10 "Please Peel Your Vocab Words Off the Tub

  ...Is probably not something that you ever expected to hear your mother tell you. But it may become a regular phrase in your house with this new study technique! This is a perfect study idea, especially for long-haired girls. It sounds completely wacky and kind of strange, but it works very well. Have you ever wished that taking a shower did not seem like a total waste of time? Well, notw, instead of singing off-tune oldies, you can study in the shower. That's right- IN the SHOWER!  And all for less than a quarter! All you have to do is slip whatever you are trying to study into a zip-loc bag, close it tightly, hold it under the water, and stick it to the shower wall. Now, for you girls who have 32-inch locks that take at least a half hour to wash (trust me- I know how frusterating this is!), you have another half hour to study. Thanks to my friend who gave me this tip!

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