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Friday, September 3, 2010

4-27-10 "I'm a Native American, too! For Cryin' Out Loud, It's Not My Fault Columbus Didn't Use GPS..."

 Most of you would look at me and say that I am “white.” I am a mixture of Czech, Norwegian, German, English, French, etc… yes, you would say that I am white. However, I am not really white. To comprehend my meaning, I suggest you conduct a conclusive experiment: Take a piece of computer paper. Find the nearest white person. Hold paper against skin of white person. Compare. Do the paper and the skin match? Is there more than an infinitesimal difference in pigment?  Of course there is. You will discover that while the paper is decidedly white, the flesh will range anywhere from pale ivory to beige, or reddish if it is swimming season. Not white. Therefore, using the term “white” to describe this particular race is derogatory and racist. I take great offence! Therefore, allow me to suggest a few more politically correct terms:

·         People of European Descent

·         European Americans

·         People of No Color

Better yet, how about we all forget about the whole “race” thing. As Carl Kerby of Answers In Genesis says, there is only one race- the HUMAN race. We all came from one couple in the beginning, and they probably had a light, warm brown for skin tone. As people spread out all over the earth, genetic mutations changed the skin tones to darker or lighter colors, and as time went on, those in Africa passed on dark pigments, those in Europe passed down a deficit of pigment, and those on other continents had various different skin tones. Makes sense, right? We’re all related by Adam and Noah, and God loves everyone the same. So what the heck is all this to-do about “races” for? We are all people- can’t we just be color-blind?

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