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Friday, September 3, 2010

4-31-10 "Forget it, Lizzy Stanton"

I just found a delightful website- Ladies Against Feminism. Come on, sisters, let's fight feminism and show the world that we want to be respected for our feminity and appreciated for the womanliness that God gave us!

     Feminism is unbiblical- just check out the epistles. And Feminist attitudes won't go away without FEMALES fighting it. By giving "rights" they took away our dignity. Let's take it back for the glory of God!

     When we do this, we not only help ourselves, we help our Christian brothers by allowing them to be masculine. The world laughs at feminine women and masculine men, but that is SO backward! Men can't behave chivelrously if we don't let them. Give the gift of manhood to the boys in your life and the gift of womanhood to the girls and take your place in the role God intended for you!

Nathan has thoughts on this matter, too... please read his post here

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