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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


What do a boiled egg, a lamb, wine, and blood have in common? Passover. This is Passover week—the week that Judaism remembers the Exodus and Christianity remembers the death and resurrection of Christ. There are so many beautiful parallels in the Passover feast. Tonight, I put on a Seder meal for my family  (real and adopted) and was struck once again by God’s amazing design. If you ever have a chance to experience a Passover celebration, do it! You will never look at either the Exodus account or the Last Supper the same again. Just as the unblemished lamb was slaughtered at the Temple each year to commemorate the first Passover lambs whose blood took the place of firstborn sons, Jesus blood was shed the very same day at the very same hour. He hung on the cross for as long as the sacrificing in the Temple went on, and just as the high priest would say when the last lamb had been sacrificed, Jesus said just before He died, “it is finished.” He is our unblemished, sinless lamb, the one who takes our place. He is our High Priest, the one who goes to God the Father on our behalf. Because of Him, we can have confidence that we will live. We have no fear of condemnation! Praise be to God for the blood of the Lamb.

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