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Monday, August 20, 2012

Chicken Feather Romance

I say,
How can you not see the
In scrubby bushes
And chicken feathers?

Isn’t all of life

You just have to look at it that way.
Who needs moonlit walks
And candle-lit dinners
When you can find
In chickens and dirt?

There is a
Big-picture romance
That cannot happen
Without both
The seaside bungalows
The dust and bird scat-
Those who love and live the latter
Will taste the romance
And find blessing
Beyond compare.

And what if there
Are two little pairs
Of bare feet
Running in the dust,
Running through the
Scrubby bushes and the
Innocent, dirty little feet—
And one pair is white
And one is brown
And both are scrubbed
By me everyday
And put into little shoes
On Sunday
And run through
 My kitchen
Leaving little
Muddy footprints
That I clean up?

What if I scrub
These twenty toes
And a hundred more
And love every one of them
Because each
Is my precious gift
To watch grow out
Of a dozen shoe sizes
And become the
Beautiful feet
That bring good news.

To touch a heart—
To touch a life—
To touch a people;
This is my dream.

Big dreams come
In a thousand little pieces
The ordinary,
The extraordinary,
The miraculous
And the mundane.

If a snapshot of a dream
Is chickens
And children
And dirt

Bird scat

Must all be
Very romantic

It’s part
Of the greatest
A savior wooing
His bride
Drawing His people
To Him.

And I say,
How can you not see
In scrubby bushes
And  chicken feathers?

(c) 2012 Breana Franks


  1. ahh I love this poem!! Did you write it?

  2. Replies
    1. Hey, its Taylor from over at michtammusic.com I was reviewing our site today and saw a few comments you posted a while back and it inspired me to drop by your page and see how things are going. I see you're still at it: keep up the good work!

  3. This is adorable Breana! Love your blog. <3