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Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIRECTIONS: Read and Wear. Repeat if Desired.

   Oh, how I love a well-worn Bible. I love books in general—the feel of pages (antique books have thick, slightly textured pages and often ragged edges; Bibles have thick, smooth pages; coffee table books have heavy, glossy pages…), I love the smell, I love the weight of a book in my hand. I love the feeling of cracking open a brand-new book right in the middle, and I love the feeling of a beloved, century-old hardback falling open to the faded ink of the inscription page. Most of all, I love the feeling of a well-worn Bible.

     You’ve seen them. The pages have creases, and they’re slightly warped and wrinkled in favorite passages. There’s writing all over the margins and highlighter ink bleeding through the pages. The covers are torn and patched with duct tape (I once knew a guy who had to drive nails through his Bible’s spine to keep it from falling apart). There are leaflets and notes stuffed in between the pages, marking favorite passages and floating out randomly. I just love that.

     This morning, I picked up my sister’s Bible to do a little reading, and I was absolutely thrilled to see that her cover is fading at the spots where her thumbs go where she holds it. The pages are a mess… I’ve never seen such terrible warping as the mountains and valleys on the pages of Psalms. There are markings and highlight marks everywhere, and the corners are dog-eared and worn. What a fabulous feeling. I may not see her read her Bible since I’m gone most of the day, but I have no doubt that she is doing it!

     What does your Bible say about your passion for God’s word? More importantly, what does your LIFE say about your passion for God’s word? You may not like to highlight or mark in your Bible. You may be careful with yours and keep it on a shelf instead of chucking it in your backpack everyday with your sack lunch, three textbooks, and gym shoes. Maybe your Bible is well-read and dust-free, but not packed with pens and papers. A glance at your Bible may tell a little bit about your Bible reading habits, but your life will tell a lot more. How do you live? Do people see Jesus in you? Are you a “living Bible” to those who have never read it? My challenge to you is to stop for thirty seconds right now and evaluate your life. How do you live? How do you love? What changes should be made? Prayerfully consider this. It just might change your life. Now consider your time spent in God’s Word. Do you read every day? Do you absorb what you read? If you’re stressed out, bitter, or complacent, it might be a good time to reevaluate your Bible reading habits. Read daily. Read deeply. The point is not how much or how long; the point is that God is working in your life through his word.

     So pick up your Bible. Get the most out of it. Love it, read, it, wear it out. Or take notes somewhere else and keep the pages neat. Or plug in your iPod or Android and scroll through the pages. Or listen to your audio Bible. However you do it... God is eager to speak to you!


  1. Beautiful! I,too, love the feeling of books. BUT as I love them so much, it took me years to where I felt like I could write in my Bible. (damage the pages? GASP haha) Now, however, I have a hard time reading anyone's Bible but my own because I have so many notes, thoughts, and highlights in it.
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder and insight!

  2. Thank you so much for this, Breana! It is such a good reminder and it reminded me of the verse in 1 Peter 2:2 that says, "like newborn babies long for the pure milk of the word so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation." So amazing that the Lord uses His living and active Word to grow us in Him! :) His Word is SO valuable and the fact that we can study it and memorize it is such a blessing!

    Miss seeing you-we'll have to get together soon!

    Love in Christ,
    Caitlyn H. :)