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Monday, March 21, 2011

Porcelain Doll

I'm porcelain
And I chip easily.
It's happened-- again
And you can clearly see
My roots go deep
But up top, I'm weak.
Awake and asleep
I'm liable to break
So hold me fast
Secure my heart
When today is past,
It's just one part
Of a great big story
That you will write
All for your glory.
So I won't fight
These plans you've made
And write my own.
I've always played
The part you wrote for me alone
And I won't alter
The course you set
For I would falter
And I won't forget.
Your love is all I need;
Despite my weakness,
I will succeed.
For you seek to bless my every way
And I will follow you
Each and every day.
Despite my foolishness I can do
Everything you ask.
Despite my fickle heart;
So peel away my mask
And set me apart,
Set me free to bask
In your love
And your love alone.
(c) 2011 Becoming Godly Maidens

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